It might come as a shocker, but money is the number one thing that couples tend to fight about most of the time. Sometimes, these issues might even spring up before saying ‘I do’. 

If you find yourself arguing about money or financial matters before or after marriage, it is no brainer that it will likely be the reason that separates you.

The fact remains that finances can cause a major hurdle in marriage, even compared to sex, children, or even in-laws. Here are some financial issues that often lead couples apart.

  1. Views on money

Our upbringing plays a crucial role in shaping our views on money. For instance, some people view money as nothing but security, others see money as status, while to others, it’s a great lifestyle.

When couples having opposing views regarding money, especially on how they should be spent, invested, or saved, problems lurk around. That is why it is crucial to iron out your difference with your spouse before saying “I do”.

  1. Debt

A lot of people delve into marriage with tons of financial baggage – from student loans, car loans, and even gamblings addiction. A situation where one party is debt-free while the other isn’t can spark up disagreement when discussing income, debt servicing, and spending. 

The reason is glaring, as people envision that debt brought into marriage stays with the person that incurred the debt. But those under what is called “common law” find themselves being in joint debt with their spouse even when they were debt-free before the marriage.

  1. Financial infidelity

Just like sexual infidelity, financial infidelity can cause severe strain on couples, often leading to separation as trust becomes an issue. Instances of such financial infidelity include having a secret offshore bank account, undisclosed investment, gambling addiction, or hidden purchases.

What causes financial infidelity varies, and most times it is as a result of poor communication or a partner having a different dream. Failure to resolve issues such as this in counseling might lead to both parties divorcing.

  1. Major Impulse Buys

Major buys should be done as a couple, and doing otherwise is a quick recipe to kill a marriage. A common scenario is your partner coming home with a car neither of you plans for or needed. 

Even though the money might not be a problem, leaving the other party out of a big financial decision such as getting a car is enough to kill the vibe.

There are tons of financial reasons that lead couples to divorce, and knowing them will help you save your marriage. If you’re already cut on the web and wondering what to do, don’t hesitate to call us or fill our contact form.