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Things to Avoid During the Holidays After a Divorce

Being divorced can make one lonely and depressed, especially during the holidays. Instead of seeing the holidays as a challenge to get through, you should perceive it as an opportunity to explore other things that will benefit you.

As a divorcee, you may be deprived of the messages and well wishes that come during the holidays. The immediate environment and society do not help issues. You will find adverts and magazines in large quantities displaying happy couples and homes on every corner of the street. Your mind becomes filled with negative thoughts and emotions, which in the long run will have detrimental effects on your mental health and general wellbeing.

On the contrary, there are many things you can do to immunize yourself against these bitter experiences. As a divorcee, there are certain things you need to avoid. In the subsequent paragraphs of this article are the things you are to avoid to make your holidays memorable.

Don't subject yourself to self-pity

Self-pity can be extremely dangerous to your health, particularly your mental health. It denies you inner peace and strength. Self-pity makes unhappiness and loneliness the central theme in your mind. If you continue to wallow in it, your interaction with other people around you is likely to suffer significant regression.

The fact is, you can deal with it. Having your children around can help you greatly in combating the inflicting pains of self-pity. You necessarily do not need them around to give you pleasant memories. 

Knowing that they are happy and safe is enough reason for you to be happy. If you haven't had any child before getting a divorce, get dressed and have some fun at the cinema or in a restaurant. If other people who had gone through divorce survived self-pity, you could escape it too.

Avoid negative people and negative environments

Who are those you have around you? What are the things trending in your environment? Do you relate with positive or negative people in society? Are the customs and norms in your environment healthy enough to accommodate divorce? Are divorcees stigmatized and traumatized in your society?

If negatively oriented people surround you, your wellbeing and health will suffer at the expense. It is good that you avoid such unpleasant people and environment.

Don't let your ex's new life get in your way

You don't have control over your ex's lifestyle after you are divorced. When it's time for your former partner to go out with the children, don't get in the way. Don't deny your ex the opportunity to move on. Developing undesirable energies and thoughts against them will do you more harm than good. So, let them go.

When your ex celebrates the holidays in glowing colors with a new partner, don't feel bad. Seek better life, too.

Avoid Hard Drugs

Hard drugs seem to be the perfect antidote for loneliness and depression, but that's very wrong. Hard drugs are dangerous, and you should avoid using them. Most divorced persons tend to abuse substances as well. 

They consume alcohol excessively, and instead of water, take vodka every minute. Instead of abusing substances and drugs, go to the gym and exercise more.

You are not in this mess alone. We are with you, too. So, if you think you need further help to help you stay conscious and alive during the holidays, feel free to give us a call, or perhaps fill our contact form.


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