After going through a divorce people face many uncertainties. Finances are usually a big one. Events oftentimes happen that dictate a change in the monthly budget. This can mean that child support obligations need to increase or maybe even decrease depending on the situation. What can a person do if they find themselves feeling overwhelmed and confused? Should you find yourself in a set of circumstances where this is the case, let us here at Soren Law help.

Why Would Someone Need A Child Support Modification?

Modifications to child support payments can be made by filing a formal petition with the court system. This can be done at any time during the period child support is required to be paid. Many changes can necessitate a modification to be made. A parent may experience a cut in pay, or even the loss of a job. Children may face educational or medical needs that bring added expenses. The reasons can vary widely, but the end result is the same. Changes often need to happen. Don’t navigate these murky waters alone.

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What Should You Do If You Find Yourself Needing A Child Support Modification?

Though parents are often tempted to come to a verbal agreement requiring child support obligations, we would caution against going this route. Seeking legal counsel from a capable and experienced divorce attorney is always a better option when dealing with child support modifications. Local to Staten Island, we are here to help guide you through the challenges you may face months and even years that come after divorce.

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