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The first thing to do if the question of paternity comes up is to hire a knowledgeable family law attorney. The complexities of contesting paternity, for any reason, can affect a person in many ways for years to come. The effects might be financial. They might be emotional. They might be relational.

How Exactly Is Paternity Established And Why Is That Important For Me?
Paternity is most often established with the use of DNA testing. This type of testing can be ordered by the court when it’s determined necessary. Paternity can also be established through evidence based on circumstance. If a man raises a child as his own, he may be considered the child’s legal father and deemed responsible for the child’s care – financial, physical, and otherwise.

What Do I Do If I Need To Establish Paternity?
Establishing the paternity of a child is something that may need to happen for a myriad of reasons. Maybe a mother needs to establish paternity in order to receive child support. A father might want to have paternity established in order to gain visitation rights to a child he believes is his. Adoption, inheritance to a large estate, and health considerations are also all reasons paternity may be called into question.

Given the complex nature of contesting paternity, and the potential long-term effects it may have on all parties involved, it’s important to know all of your legal rights and the potential consequences of any decisions you make regarding this process.

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