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Divorce and Ayahuasca: What you should know

Will Smith tried to fix his broken heart by tripping on ayahuasca fourteen times, and he made entries in his new book 'Will.' After splitting with Jada Pinkett in 2011, he sought out a shaman to give him the psychotropic tea and guide him through the visions it induced.

An hour after drinking, he documented in his book, "I was floating deep in outer space … trillions of light years away from earth." He encountered an unseeable woman he came to call 'mother' during his trip.

While ayahuasca is nothing but mind-altering, many have talked about how these ayahuasca divorce ceremonies have helped them get over their divorce. According to Andres Adasme Tapia, "I asked the shaman, 'what can i do?' He said, 'Nothing. You must cry. You're cleaning out your mind and soul." His divorce was traumatic, and as an immigrant, they painted him into a corner as a lousy father and husband.

Months later, a friend invited him to a ceremony, and that was when his journey began. But unlike his previous experiences, this was different. He cried for two hours, and everyone could hear his sob.

Is ayahuasca a good experience?

Some report feeling euphoria and a feeling of enlightenment, while others went through severe anxiety and panic. It is not unusual for those taking ayahuasca to experience both positive and negative effects from the tea.

While ayahuasca can help you let go, research has shown that taking ayahuasca may increase the mindfulness capacity of your brain and improve your overall wellbeing.

Another study also proved that depression and stress significantly decreased after participants consumed ayahuasca. It can also be beneficial in treating addiction, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and PTSD.

Will Ayahuasca save or destroy your marriage?

Through the unique perceptive that ayahuasca gives, many people have been able to look at their marriage objectively to determine the best thing to do. However, sometimes people are unaware of how much their ego impacts their decision.

When they have dissolved their ego through an ayahuasca ceremony, they discover that they were the problem in their marriage. This new insight helped save their marriage as they tried to fix what wasn't working. 

To others, this experience revealed just how much their marriage has withheld them from their full potential and why divorce could be the best thing for them.

That is where the services of an expert divorce attorney become a need. We have been helping hundreds of people untangle themselves from a marriage that's no longer working. We can help you too. Feel free to call us or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.

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