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Child Support Modification

When a married couple has come to the conclusion that separation is the best option for both parties, going to court is not necessarily a given. In fact, divorce or separation can be handled entirely out of court, with the right legal help.

Collaborative law allows the couple to work with their individual lawyers and other family professionals to come to a mutually beneficial agreement that protects their interests and the interests of their children, without going to court. If you feel that you can reach an agreement without the need to go to court, the Soren Law Group is ready to help.

Staten Island Collaborative Law Attorneys With Proven Experience
When you partner with the Soren Law Group, you benefit from working with Collaborative Law Attorneys who have a proven track record of success working on these cases without heading to court. The team of legal professionals understand the intricacies of modern separations, and have strong negotiating skills to put to work for their clients, helping them reach an agreement that keeps their best interests at heart.

If children are involved in the case, their interests and needs are protected at all times. This usually means protecting parental rights for both parties. The Soren Law Group team is passionate about helping families with children come to a beneficial arrangement that keeps the children protected and safe.

Compassionate Care for Difficult Circumstances
When you are facing a divorce, you are facing an emotionally difficult time. Karen Soren and her team are dedicated to providing her clients with compassionate care. They will take the time to get to know you and provide personalized attention as you go through this challenging time.

Should your case get complicated and no longer be a candidate for collaborative law, rest assured that Attorney Soren and her team have the experience, aggressiveness and contacts you need for a successful court case. However, in most instances court is not necessary when you work with skilled Staten Island collaborative law attorneys.

Don’t face your separation without the right legal help. If you are looking for Staten Island Collaborative Law attorneys, contact the Soren Law Group. We will come alongside and provide the support and legal advice you need to make sound decisions and avoid court during this challenging time.

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