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Child Custody

Staten Island Child Custody Lawyer
When parents decide separation is in their best interests, they must decide how to handle the needs of their children during that time. Staten Island child custody attorneys can help arrange child custody plans that will keep the best interests of the children in mind, while preserving parental rights and influence whenever possible. If you are facing a divorce or separation, and want to ensure that you retain the right to have an influence on your children in the process, the Soren Law Group is ready to help.

Support from Staten Island Child Custody Attorneys in Challenging Times
Child custody battles can get very emotional and heated. That is why it’s always best for couples to work with attorneys to ensure that they do not give up important rights and responsibilities in the heat of an emotional debate. The team from the Soren Law Group can serve as a legal counsel that keeps your best interests at the forefront of their actions, so that you end up with the best possible outcome, not only for you as a parent, but also for your children.

Protecting the Best Interests of the Children
The best Staten Island child custody attorneys are the ones who keep not only the needs of their clients, but also the needs of their client’s children, at heart. When you work with the Soren Law Group, your attorney will work hard to ensure that the final custody arrangement is as beneficial as possible for your children.

In most cases, barring any instance of abuse, this means continued influence from both parents. Your legal team will work hard to secure this influence while making an arrangement that is physically and financially possible for you to adhere to. By considering all aspects of the arrangement, including travel time and cost, your attorney will ensure that you can uphold your end of the arrangement, while enjoying continued influence on your child.

Don’t lose your right to parent your child in a heated custody battle. Your child needs a supportive, beneficial custody arrangement, and you need security to know that your rights as a parent are being protected. If you are facing a custody battle, contact the Soren Law Group, your Staten Island child custody attorneys, to ensure that you have the right legal team on your side.

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