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5 Common Mistakes People Make During Their Divorce

There is no objection to the fact that divorce can be mentally unsettling. When undergoing such an overwhelming process, most couples are bound to make mistakes either out of sheer emotion or ignorance.

With years of experience guiding people through divorce, we want to disclose common mistakes that you should probably avoid during divorce. Staying clear of these mistakes is in your best interest and will save you headaches in the long run.


1. Exerting revenge through court

People who received their divorce as a surprise often feel betrayed, and might want to get back at their soon-to-be-ex by using the court for revenge. Some of the tactics implored are prolonging the court case and trying by all means to get a larger share of the assets.

While this might bring a sort of relief to the embittered partner, it incurs more cost in the process, even resulting in losing most of that assets. If there’s one thing you should never do - never get back at your soon-to-be-ex using the court system.

2. Talking ill of your spouse in front of the kids

Feeling angry, betrayed, and hurt when you’ve been served divorce papers is normal. But badmouthing your spouse is not, and always ends up backfiring at you. Talking bad about your spouse wouldn't make you feel at the moment, but it hurts the kids, and end up hurting your rights in future custody cases.

3. Doing it by yourself

Divorce can be draining, and trying to handle it all alone can overwhelm you. There is no shame in getting support from your family and friends, colleagues, and even professionals. Talking about professionals, this is why you need a divorce attorney by your side in every decision you make. Believe it or not, they have years of experience, and they seek to represent your best interest and help you avoid these pitfalls.

4. Neglecting your mental health

It’s easy to get lost in the process of divorce, even find yourself forgetting to do the most basics of basics, like brushing your teeth. It isn’t your fault if you forget to brush, but neglecting your mental health is like playing around with a time bomb.

It is necessary to take some time for self-care like eating your favorite meal, exercising, and staying away from alcohol. If you need help processing how you feel, book a session with a therapist and you'd be glad you did.

5. No Financial Planning

While going through a divorce, having a detailed knowledge of your financial standing will help you make informed decisions. Remember, your divorce will soon be over, and there is a whole future ahead of you. 

There is a whole lot you need to do, and things you mustn't do for the best outcome. That is why it is paramount you work with an experienced divorce attorney. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our form to book an appointment.


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