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If your spouse tells you that the marriage is over, or that they need a divorce, believe them irrespective of the context. When you find a card to a divorce attorney, and you discover your spouse is staying away from home than usual, you should be concerned. 

It is better to be prepared than to meet with surprises, and that is why you need to watch out for these signs that your spouse is planning a divorce. A major lifestyle change is a major red flag, such as going to the gym more, opening a separate financial account, changing the way they dress, and withdrawing emotionally from you.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs that could tell your spouse is planning a divorce.

1. Always Busy

If your spouse is always at work, in the gym, always helping a friend do stuff, that’s a course for concern. This is a form of detachment that happens when something is brewing under. If your spouse is hardly at home, it’s a sign they are unhappy with the marriage and could be planning for a divorce.

2. Hiding

If your spouse suddenly starts hiding their social media, email, or phone activity, that’s a tale sign that something is going on, and you should know about it. Perhaps your spouse is having an affair, or probably planning for divorce with an attorney.

3. Less Time with you

When your spouse emotionally withdraws from you, you’ll know. This occurs when they are no longer interested in you or what you’re doing. This is most likely to transit to no physical intimacy. When this becomes the case, divorce is always inevitable and you should be prepared.

4. Change in communication

Is there is a drastic change in communication? Maybe your spouse is now more secretive, and lying more, that’s a sign that the marriage may be coming to an abrupt end. If they lie about where they are going, or what they are doing, this behavior means they are hiding an affair or planning a divorce.

5. Relating with kids

When your spouse suddenly becomes more involved in your child’s school, like school events and even lunches, that could be a pointer to something you need to know. Either they have attended a Ted show that reformed their behavior overnight, or they are planning a divorce. When such is the case, you will discover that they start attending your child’s extracurricular activities, volunteering to take them to the doctor, and planning trips together with your child.

The path to divorce is not an easy one, and it is best when you’re prepared as that makes it easier to handle. If you see signs that your spouse is planning a divorce, get in touch with us as soon as possible by calling or filling our contact form. We’ve got you!


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